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What is good design...

At Mypickone we understand that good design lies in the art of “subtraction” residing in simplicity. With this in mind, we seek to harmonise environments and re-challange spaces with award winning results.
No detail goes un-noticed, every element is assessed.
We seek to understand how space is used, how it serves its inhabitants and how it feels, even before we begin to think about the visual aesthetic.

We start with the core, the soul of a building and work our way out. Keeping true to the rules of minimalist design whilst employing the most luxurious, bespoke details and finishings.
Detail and color become the central elements of our planning. Rather then base our decisions solely on aesthetics, we seek to understand the external enviroment, the light within the space and the tonal arrangement, whilst bringing out the personality and passions of our client at all times.

Born in Puglia in South Italy, Interior Architect Marianna Piccolo’s sense of aesthetics was molded at an early age by the rural beauty, culture, folk music, art and architecture of her homeland. Her deep passion for design led her to pursue interior design from the legendary Polytechnic University of Milan. After graduating in 2007, she trained under the award-winning Italian architect and interior designer Marco Piva in his eponymous design studio in Milan.

Marco Piva instilled in his protégé a rational approach to design, pervaded by stylistic freedom and compositional sobriety. Inspired by her mentor to think big, she moved to Dubai in 2008 and worked as a consultant for high-profile firms including RW Armstrong, Sinergo S.P.A and Al Tayer Group before establishing My Pick One Studio Design in 2012.

Marianna’s design philosophy is rooted in minimalism and Design by Subtraction, unearthing the beauty hidden in simplicity. Her many luxurious residential and commercial projects in Puglia, Paris, Dubai and Abu Dhabi stand testament to her natural ability to create; understated, yet harmonious and elegant design. Her Italian heritage and impeccable attention to detail stand her in good stead when it comes to designing for her clients.

Besides Interior design, her other twin passions are fashion and photography. She is also a regular speaker at design forums. But undoubtedly what she enjoys the most is designing eclectic projects.