MP1 creates unique spaces, timeless in design, tailoring budget and timeline.

Photography courtesy of Ivana MaglioneSpazio MOE and Sandra Zarneshan. Content for demo purposes only.







Credits to Sandra Zarneshan for the amazing photos, Leló Arredamenti for the tailoring furniture and Flos Lighting for the sophisticated lights



Mypickone is involved in the design of this Luxury apartment in the hear of Paris. This Duplex is located in an ancient building of '500, in Saint Germain, one of the most charming place in the city.


Mypickone is planning this two residential towers in the center of Dubai, taking care of the apartments and common areas.Each element is studied in detail and our architects design the architectural elements most suitable to make any space well organized and livable.



This private villa on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is an ode to luxury and elegance. They were used precious materials and reflective surfaces, which with the clever use of lighting have become perfect points of light. Light colors, white, gray and beige dominate the rooms, as well as modern accessories and precious furnishing. Vivacious colors dominate the interiors of the bedrooms, while the living room, hall and on the staircase we have focused on lighting.


This private villa is a “Signature Project”. The initial idea was to create a Villa looks like a “Boutique”, with an Eclectic touch. The Concept is about  to create a contrast between classic and modern style. Vertical surfaces, as wall finishes, show classic style; Horizontal surfaces, as flooring and ceiling, show modern style. The selection of the furniture and the lighting fitting have been selected to emphasize the modern touch; the selection of accessories, fabrics, including all the guest bathrooms, give the Eclectic touch.



This residential house is located in an ancient building of ‘500 , in the old town of Lecce.

Lecce is in the South of Italy and it is called the “Baroque’s City”. The atmosphere inside is warm and it has this antique feeling, which has been preserved using traditional materials and refurbish pieces. The old architectural style has been contrasted with signature furniture and design- lighting.



The main key of the project was to create a connection between the structure and the interior, focusing on using light colour and natural material with an additional accent colour in each area. All in harmony with the surrounding green areas, to create a pleasant, welcoming and elegant environment.



This private villa is what we called a “Bespoke Project”. Color and detail are the basic tools, fundamental during our design process. It delineates architecture, forms interiors and creates a strong relation to the materials used in the design. Detail becomes the central element upon which the entire design is based. Vivacious colors dominate the interiors of the bedrooms and study. Color goes into all the materials utilized such as wall finishes, accessories and furniture. The choice of color is not based solely on aesthetics, but it is a combination between the required and personality of the client. 



Mypickone has involved in the design of the new office of Al Naboodah Enterprises in Dubai. The work areas are designed to ensure a comfortable day in the office of each employee. Each room has an elegant and timeless style, but is also functional and essential and with a touch of modernity.



The retail Shop has been opened in Mall of Emirates, one of the most compelling shopping place in Dubai. It was a challenge and a big opportunity to work with Fendi Team, LVMH, Shaloub Group and Maf Group.



Minimal design, ample and welcoming spaces, avant-garde interior design solutions and lots of light: this is The Kebab Shop. Since The Kebab Shop was move from London to Dubai, has fast become a permanent fixture in a restaurant scene.




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Abu Dhabi Accountibility Authority is a Commercial Bulding of 3B+G+7FL. The Abu Dhabi Government gives the opportunity to work on this project developing from the concept to the tender stage. The main idea was to create a connection between interior and exterior with a minimalistic TOUCH.