Creative Christmas with a DIY Tree


What’s Christmas without a tree, right? You could go for a traditional Christmas tree but then again, with a little bit of imagination, you could whip something together that’s creative, cheap and cheerful. And that’s exactly what we did this season.

Our office space is uncluttered and cosy. And we like to keep it like that. As much as we would have liked a traditional Christmas tree, it would mean sacrificing precious space. And what would we do with it after the thrill of the season is over? And the ultimate bane of working in compact urban spaces: Where would we store it? 

That’s really how the idea of creating a minimalistic ‘light’ Christmas tree came about. The challenge was to create something that is super chic using absolute bare minimum materials.  Dubai Mall is closest to our studio so I decided to zip down to Daiso – the one place where you can find the most curious of materials for DIY projects. And cheap! I spent 2 hours combing the store to pick the perfect string of LED lights and posh looking baubles. Armed with the materials I went back to the studio and challenged my team to design and install the light tree… in 1 hour!

To make this Christmas warmer, we used some our spare fabric samples to create the star and the base! That was really a stroke of genius.

And we put it up on our glass window, so even people walking by our office building can enjoy it! 

If you’ve not had the time to put up a Christmas tree yet, then I recommend that you try your hand at this DIY project.  You are sure to impress your guests.


  • What you need:
  • LED String lights
  • Baubles (1 dozen)
  • Cellotape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric samples or any spare cloth that will add some pizzazz

Cost: AED 59

Assembly time:  1 Hour

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Creative New Year