New trends of fall/winter 2015 : Rattan in Indoor Spaces

A beautiful set of wicker chairs and a cushioned rattan sofa set with contrasting colors, plants in a room set up at the corner, a nice wicker table placed in the middle of the room … Voila you have the perfect space.

There was a time when furniture rattan furniture is only part of the patio because it looked outdated and very common style.

However, the story has changed and now you can find rattan furniture of different things, or simple or with an exotic vibe.

A changeover from the traditional plain fun and not furniture design, rattan, today customizes chic, stylish, classic, and comfortable furniture with decorative scheme amalgamate.
Beautiful rattan furniture in various colors and sizes are available in the market, which makes them compatible with almost any decor.
However, the important thing is how well you choose wicker furniture, because it’s not an easy task.
Making the wrong choice can cause you to deliver a bomb to decorate in your trash.

How To Choose Rattan Furniture?
There is quite a collection of wicker furniture available in the market, and when you are going for furniture shopping, you will be at sea!
So read on these tips before you try bargaining with the wicker furniture vendors.

Since there are myriad designs of wicker furniture available, you need to check for the best-suited one for the indoors. Make it a point that the furniture blends well with the other furniture that is placed in your room. While choosing the wicker furniture, consider something, which is more diverse in terms of shape and construction. It totally depends upon the area of its placement. If you are planning to fit in the furniture in a living room, try the traditional ones as it can envisage the total outlook of the room in a more conventional way. The eclectic pieces would be fine for the patio.

 You can plan your budget, and according to which you can choose the perfect furniture. Also factor in the budget, regular maintenance of the furniture in the form of waxing. You may also need some repair or replace after some time. Taking care of all these factors, you can decide your budget and the furniture that you plan to get.

 Yet another factor that needs serious consideration is the availability of space. Larger pieces of furniture in a small room can make it all the more crowded and uninviting.

The room shouldn’t look as if it is suffocated with furniture.

There should be enough free space for natural traffic flow through the room. At the same time, small wicker chairs, tables, and lounges on a large area can give a feeling of neglect and style, even if the pieces are of highest style and quality. Match the scale of the furniture with the dimensions of the space (indoor or patio) available.

You need to give serious thought to how well the furniture is made. See how tightened the weaves are by looking for the gaps in between the weaves. Larger gaps means less tightened.
The construction of the frame also needs to be considered. A heavy-duty aluminum frame will support a lot of weight over time and still hold its shape.

 The furniture should blend well with the rest of the furniture that is in the room. The furniture should merge seamlessly with the ambience of the room. There are various types of wicker furniture made with bamboo, cane, or rattan. Choose the best that suits your home décor and relish it throughout your life.

Rattan furniture is best for a family consisting of small children who find happiness in spoiling everything. The advantage is that rattan furniture is easier to maintain and clean as compared to some other types of furniture, such as leather one. Therefore, you can make your choice upon your lifestyle.