Urban Chic Style

Urban chic: we have heard about in the fashion world and for some time has begun to circulate in the interior design.

It seems a strange combination and difficult to reproduce, but in reality it is to give new life to our homes and our offices by inserting antique furniture or furniture from the industrial recovery that we would have never imagined to enter our homes.

The typical brown earth, gray and black powder are welcome; They can be entered using wallpaper in relief, brushing the walls with a concrete effect, or simply coating them with exposed brick.

It should also be changed what belongs to the world of textiles such as curtains, pillows, bed linen and towels, drapes or eliminating frills and using simple fabrics like linen that will create a wonderful contrast approached to steel objects.

Retrieving is the key word of urban chic: The old which meets with the new, the modern blends with the old: the urban chic is a trend that combines two seemingly opposite worlds so fanciful, creating a compromise with details and objects from ancient and contemporary minimalist taste.

There are many elements within the space but few with the right proportion between antique and modern furnishings: retro and baroque forms to be compared with simple furniture and recovery, rustic tables surrounded by metal stools, chairs with curved legs and soft lines near objects with simple lines and squared. Finally decorations are key in this style: accessories should be few but special, able to create a metropolitan decadent.

It is a way to customize with pieces of furniture in contrast to each other, vintage armchairs and modern coffee tables, beds essential design and crystal chandeliers.
It's your choice, just to  play to the imagination and get to work

The urban chic is a trend that combines classic lines and contemporary creatively, creating a perfect compromise between details of  timeless taste and minimal contemporary.

Urban chic style is a style ever more used in offices.

Spaces that are enhanced by this design that makes them spacious and high.
Attention will focus on the elements of furniture: the final effect should be simple and essential.

In offices, the walls will be painted with neutral colors (white, light gray or shades of brown).
Even bricks or stone walls are a feature of this style.

The floors are usually wooden floor, also of neutral colors to conform to the environment, but the ideal is to use resins or concrete for the floors, to ensure that remember an old renovated factory.
The ceilings are not treated, they are usually left open or raw, as in a factory, a desired effect to make the environment deliberately wider

To create an accent color you can choose the furniture painted in bright colors, such as bright red or lime green.