Interior design: trends for Autumn-Winter

The change of season is always a delicate time for the interior design: home furnishing, is subject to a number of trends that influence seasonal decorating furniture and home accessories.

Depending on the trends of the season we can see what's new in furniture stores, whose windows are transformed by welcoming style of the moment with joy and dedication.
The same happened after the arrival of the autumn/winter 2015.

What are the most important trends of decoration for the cold months of the year?

Outside world

Decorate the interiors with elements coming from the outside world, such as branches and foliage, it is one of the hottest trends for fall.
From thin branches to the trunks of birch, pine cones from small pumpkins, this transposition of fall nature within the house is charming and simple to implement.

The same goes for the introduction of elements of the interior and outside, such as a comfortable sofa with many soft pillows on the terrace to enjoy the autumn evenings outdoors with a hot tea and a soft blanket.

The Gold

The rich golden tones reign supreme in decorating trends for autumn/winter 2015. Sophisticated and warm, the gold can be seen in all shapes and object: from golded lamps to vases, from the frames to chairs in the house of the cold season everything shines and sparkles.

Fake Accessories

Fake accessories representes a big trend of the autumn and winter season: flowers and fake plants back in fashion, but also carpets of fake fur or faux classical animal heads, made of plastic and colorful.

The watchword for the use of accessories is fake exalt falsehood; other than trying to pass off fake flowers to real flowers, the goal is just to flaunt their artificial origin. The fake wanting to seem real represented only a ploy cheap and cheesy.


A tip from interior designers? Next to metal objects better pull soft accessories, such as fabrics, curtains and pillows, to dilute the effect of the cold gilded surfaces.

Pantone colors

The palette autumn of 2015 has its roots in colors faceted and androgynous that, when worn, lend an air of sophistication achieved without effort

After the marsala, now is the turn of grays, greens.