Italian excellence: Marco Piva & Hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milano

Our CEO and Founder Marianna Piccolo, before creating Mypickone Design studio in Dubai, she has worked and collaborated with many design firm.

She has worked as an Interior Architect for high-level architectural firm, as RW Armstrong, Altayer Group, and Sinergo Spa.

He has also worked in the studio of famous Italian architect Marco Piva, famous and known around the world for continuous research process between volumes and surfaces, materials and light.

And today Mypickone want to dedicate this article to him and to his latest project.

The architect Marco Piva signed the project for the new extension of the Hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milan and for the functional reorganization of the entire complex.

The Excelsior Hotel Gallia, reborn for Expo Milano 2015 with a new functional structure designed by architect Marco Piva, and that concerns the entire complex and the new part of the historic building.

The central staircase is the only element preserved from the previous project of interior, but also this element is given a monumental character thanks to a 30-meter high chandelier in Murano glass that illuminates the historical steps for all eight of his plans in height.

The architect Marco Piva made it clear that behind the project is the desire to create "a place" linked to the excellence of the city of Milan (architecture, design, costumes and fashion) and that it puts back the example of style and elegance with a warm and refined hospitality.

The program is implemented through a distinction between the two parts of the building.

The new part geometry characterized by clean, contemporary materials such as glass and steel light, light colors that recall the dynamism of Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and design, business and finance.

For the historic details are combined with contemporary materials and surfaces that emphasize the monumentality of space and so offer a contemporary reading of the atmosphere of the thirties.

The project is wonderful and original and features a mix of modern and classic with a touch very eclectic, the same touch that Mypickone likes to use in many of his projects.

Mypickone is truly honored to have been able to work with Marco Piva in the past and who knows if in the future there will be able to meet again?