Mypickone Studio Design @Dubai Design District #D3

The countdown has begun for Mypickone, soon our final home will be in the new Dubai Design District.

A citadel of design, designed to accommodate local talent, but also to attract big brands of fashion, luxury and design on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

The Dubai Design District, also known by the acronym D3, is a Tecom Investments, a subsidiary of Dubai Holding (owned by the government of Dubai), is building in Dubai, three minutes away from the center of Dubai and 15 minutes from the international airport.

The project, which this year will see the completion of the first phase with the delivery of eleven buildings, should be ready and fully operational by 2018, in time for the Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai and for which it is estimated today turnout of 25 million visitors.

The planned investment for the first phase, explains the Head of Business Developent of Dubai Design District, Maitha Al Suwaidi, is about 4 Billion dirhams.

The project, in addition to providing spaces designed specifically for designers, residential and hotel space, also includes the construction of a promenade of about 2 km with hotels, shops, galleries and boutiques.

The project, explains Maitha Al Suwaidi, "has three phases. The first phase is nearing completion, and people are starting to move in with their offices."

"The first stage - continues Al Suwaidi - consists of a commercial area dedicated to B2B companies, which will organize their showroom and their headquarters to manage their business in the region, as well as galleries. It will be a very creative environment for companies that want to settle down in Dubai. "

The second phase, the manager continues, "will be operational by 2017 and will be a creative community,  built specifically for designers and artists, who will have flexible spaces, their workshops, their showroom and also sell in the same spaces ".

The third phase will be the construction of the promenade. "It will be two kilometers long and is actually an extension of the old Dubai Creek (the riverside city of UAE, ed.) It will have 13 hotels in design, with a strip of shops of international brands, art galleries, boutiques and entertainment" .

According to Al Suwaidi, the first reason why a foreign company should settle in Dubai Design District it is that, "if we look at what is happening in Dubai now, is an emerging hub for design. In the region are held many exhibitions and events. Since this is an emerging reality, it seems there are many opportunities and great potential for many businesses, which can capitalize on this and make sure to be part of it. "

A company that is established in the D3, stress the developers, will have preferential access to the market of luxury, fashion and interior design, which in the Gulf countries is estimated at 54 billion dirhams (about 14mld Euro).

The context of the D3 will be international. Dubai is a multinational country with over 180 nationalities.
And 'natural that many will be present in the design, in one way or another, especially when we look at the business and value chain around them.

The relationship with the manufacturing sector, central to the design, for now it is on paper, but there will be ad hoc spaces: The project has a very central, in the middle of downtown Dubai.

A view of the skyline is the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai International Financial Center which is literally less than five minutes away, the airport is only ten minutes away.

"It 'a very prestigious location - continues the manager - where there will be many manufacturing companies or factories, but in the second phase, that of the creative community, we will have two mid-sized manufacturers. It can work in warehouses or in most factories."

As to the timing of the realization of the project, concludes Al Suwaidi, "the members of the creative community are really interested in seeing that something happens. This year we will complete the first part of the project. In 2017 we will have other things and in 2018-19 we will have the waterfront. We will be ready just before the Expo ", the Dubai Design District complete with boardwalk.

We are very excited and can not wait to move in this new vibrant district our desks.

See u soon D3!