Food Design

Italy is home to sailors, saints and poets, but also of art, design and cuisine.

For Italy the food can not be compared to art, the multifaceted relationship between the arts and the food is traced and analyzed in the Pavilion Arts & Foods Expo Milano 2015.

Set up in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Triennale - 7,000 square meters of building and garden - "Arts & Foods" focuses the plurality of visual languages nd models, object and environment that since 1851 have revolved around food, nutrition and convivium.

A global overview on interaction and aesthetic design that involved the rituals of eating and an international exhibition that will appeal to different media in order to offer a crossing time, from the historic to contemporary, from all levels of expression, creativity and communication expressed in all cultural areas.

Everything looks twisted the testimony of artists, writers, film makers, graphic designers, musicians, photographers, architects and designers who, from Impressionism and Pointillism the historical avant-garde, from Pop Art to the latest research, have contributed to the development of the vision and the consumption of food.

'Arts & Foods' involving all media and languages: from painting to sculpture, video, installation, photography, advertising, design, architecture, cinema and music and literature, said Germano Celant, curator of the Pavilion and the eighth edition of the Triennale Design Museum.

Articulates with chronologically covering the period from 1851, when the first Expo in London and the start of the modern, up to date, by creating environments dedicated to the places and spaces of cohabit, both in private and in public sphere, from the dining room to the kitchen, from bar food to travel, where furniture, objects, appliances and artwork create a visually compelling narrative and sensory suggestion.

The architecture and design are therefore an integral part of the kitchen and in this way the food becomes art.

In recent years it has seen the birth of a real science linking even more the design to food, the Food Design.

But what is the Food Design?

The Food Design is the art artisan beautiful dishes made by hand, the art of making aesthetically inviting our recipes, what we cook with our own hands.

Or what it is cooked by the skilled hands of a few professional chef.

And 'here that came on the Food Design, if that is entrusted to human hands (and not in an industrial machine) becomes a real art.

In food design converge several factors that have to do with art than with the kitchen: the taste, the creativity and originality, attention to the forms, the proportions and details, the wise use of colors. Creativity.

These are the same ingredients that we use to design a dwelling.

The food designer are then the artists of the food, those who manage to turn a simple carried in a small masterpiece.

Many food designers are established professionally as real artists and have attracted media attention thanks to their creations.

There are many connections that could squeeze between art and food design.

The works of food design can have references to the world the painting may be of microsculptures edible, may be inspired by architecture, they may be the subject of ambitious photo projects. And much more.

When designing your home you think of details, shapes, color and proportions, you must use the same creativity and care for the cuisine, because, as is showing Expo Milano 2015, it is an integral part of life.

Be artists and designers always.