Olympic Games, Japan and Zen Style


The Olympics games of 2020 will be in Tokyo

This was announced by the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires in 2013.
The Japanese capital has imposed on Istanbul and Madrid.

A victory for smile again, keep away the 'ghost' of Fukushima, remind the strength of a country that is  the third largest economy in the world.

Japan has given us a lot  regarding the architecture, design and decor.

Zen style, minimalist Japanese is characterized by its clean lines, from furniture made from natural materials, sober colors pastel, neutral.

The house is organized in open space, one large space in which to live.
A difference from our homes in Europe, the Japanese have the empty walls, and the house is not crowded with furniture.

It's necessary to have ample space and avoid to allocate furniture to close to others. 

To recreate this oriental style are essential the large windows that create a link between the interior and the surrounding nature.

The Japanese-style furnishings is composed by low furniture, made from natural materials such as bamboo.
On large spaces can spread a tatami mat.

The use of stickers to decorate the walls is recommended, especially with flowers or plants cherry, typical of Japan, will give serenity and calm to your home.

If you want to follow through and around the Japanese style you will adapt to sleep on a low bed or a futon mattress with water, while for the table you have to stand on his knees. You can still buy ergonomic chairs and tables in a minimalist style wood.

The wood is a fundamental aspect of Japanese room, but it is important also the brightness, especially the natural choices like very thin and light curtains from the windows to let it shine.
In the night the neon lights are switched rather dim, coming by lamps in rice paper or natural beech or bamboo, plain or braided is in all the furnishings.

In the kitchen, rich wood and ceramic accessories are recommended .
A screen made of rice paper which separates the cooking area from the table is also very suitable.
Do not forget to beautify a corner of the room with a lamp and a straw mat on which adagerete a couple of pillows; some green seedling at points reached by sunlight, will complement your decor and your home will appear really decorated in Japanese style!

Japanese style design is characterized essentially by the clean lines, minimal decor, the use of natural materials and the concept of open space.
Furnish the house in this style it's not complicated, just follow the right tips for recreating environments Japanese.
For a Japanese house respectable impossible to give up a Zen garden, which is also characterized by a minimalist design that features plants, stones and fountains.
In particular stones and gravel represent the symbol of this type of garden.
Often the Japanese gardens of private houses provide an external path made entirely of wood, as a kind of platform.
And to decorate small spaces do not give up the use of river pebbles, the same materials are to be used not only for the structure of the house, but also for the furniture, which remember, must be essentially minimalist.
To complete your furniture you must comply to their Japanese said: "less is more".

Remember  that the rooms should be relaxing, from the bedroom to the living room, from the bathroom to the garden, everything must converge in the peace and relax that nature can give to man.