Salone del Mobile and Charme of the 30's.

Mypickone is still at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

We were impressed by the return of the 30's, which give to our house a retro charme.

You start to talk about design in the 30s even though it was then called "decorative arts"

The modern Italian industrial design is promoted through the Milan Triennale favoring the meeting between the industry and the world of applied arts.
One of the leaders who scored the taste of the time was the architect-artist-designer Gio 'Ponti not only with the works of architecture as a palace Montecatini in Milan but especially with its crafts and furnishings: ceramics for Richard Ginori, the home furniture for the Rinascente and lamps and furniture for Fontana Arte.

The artistic glass Fontana Arte, founded by Gio 'Ponti in Milan in the 30 initially realized stained glass, including those of the Milan Cathedral.

Ponti realized that the glass of the many possibilities offered for the construction of objects of furniture for inside and in collaboration with Peter Church began producing lamps, furniture and glass objects.

Gio 'Ponti in the 30s founded the magazine Domus and Casabella that will be the protagonists of architecture and design arousing the interest of companies and opening new markets.

In the same period comes the chair "904" better known as Vanity Fair, produced by Frau and selected for the luxurious furnishings of the liner Rex, the chair is still in production today.

In 30's The design is not only interested in the furniture but deals with every aspect of the house: the Bialetti Moka Express "the little man with the mustache", a tribute to the founder of Alfonso Bialetti, makes its appearance in Italian homes in the 30's, with octagonal shapes inspired by the taste of coffee Silver Art-Deco. Although this is still in production today.

If you want to add a detail that makes your home unique, you have to use art-deco furniture and lamps, chandeliers, upholstery and even posters and you will change the face of an environment.

If you want a real object dating back to those years, take a ride to the flea market or antique: find armchairs and leather sofas, shiny console and beliefs work that will make your home unique.

A retro-style decor is the perfect solution for all those who are nostalgic for the past. 

With patience and a badget not too challenging, you can find in flea markets furnishing and vintage furniture. 

 Surely here you can find old tin boxes, print ads, or posters of old movies. 

The set of all these details will allow you to recreate the magic atmosphere that much sought after, be it far away in time or the more recent past.

These furnishings will then be placed in strategic positions in the various environments. Do not forget that it is the furniture that the objects of the past, not only were aesthetically different from those of today, but also structurally.

During the search, insider buying items manufactured before the Second World War, because quality is the best. After the war, in fact, was introduced massively plastic, at the expense of aluminum, wrought iron and brass.

Enrich the various rooms of the house introducing accessories that resonate strongly the past.

In the kitchen you opt for a vintage refrigerator and a toaster, in the living room hang prints in black and white,  position a vintage radios and if you have room to buy an old style juke-boxthat will blow your mind all your guests. 

Remember to add minor details as rail, lamps and umbrella to be entirely made of metals used in the past. Finally, paint the walls with warm colors in the living area and soft in the bedrooms.

Good return to the '30s!