Women's Day and Yellow Mimosa

March 8th is International Women's Day, a day that is a symbol in which to remember the social and political achievements that women have achieved over the years, and an occasion to remember that, today, there are still those who struggle against discrimination and violence.

The color celebrating this anniversary is, of course, the yellow mimosa.

The myth is related to the true historical fact, when on March 8, 1908, 129 female workers in an industry of New York were killed in a fire while protesting working conditions unworthy to which they were subjected, and, according to some, in near the factory burned in 1908 grew just a mimosa tree, according to others the mimosa flowers instead covered the surface of the lake adjacent to the factory.

But there are reasons far more pragmatic: in 1946, was the Union of Italian Women choose the mimosa, a flower inexpensive. And one of the few plants to be flowering in early March.

The yellow mimosa is a cheerful color, spring and full of energy, the perfect tint to "enlighten" the house, because bright furniture, chairs and accessories light up the atmosphere.

Primary color and warm, it is especially suitable for the living room, but is also perfect for those environment where you need to bring a little light.

First you need to choose carefully the shade of yellow for painting your walls. The variety of this color is, in fact, very wide: ranging from mild primrose to intense shades of ocher.

In general, for the walls of the largest bedrooms is preferable to more muted tones while for small spaces you can choose a shade stronger in order to give character to a space a bit limited.

You can use brighter yellow for the furnishings, such as vases, lamps or pillows.

In years past the yellow was used mostly in the kitchen or in the corridors is not allowed to stay and in the bedrooms.
The kitchens are in fact the places of conviviality and good humor.
However it seems that this color stimulates the mind so it is very suitable in study rooms or to furnish an office, but also in areas such as closets and pantries.

But today the new European fashions, embracing the Asian culture, reverses this trend and elect the mustard yellow perfect for the bedroom, perhaps embellished with a decor in shades of dark brown.

The yellow, warm color par excellence, will only give grit, brightness and warmth to your room, to provide maximum effect of sunlight filtering into the room.
They give a very cute even shades sand that are easier and relaxing, are well suited to dark colors, such as brown and burgundy, giving a very natural touch to the walls.

Decorate with yellow even the bathroom can be, and how if you can, because thanks to this tint the environment is more warm, friendly and original.

As for the decor with this particular color, the choice and the possibilities of use are even larger, and less stringent.

In fact buy a chandelier or a piece of furniture in shades of yellow intense not overly constrain the decor of any room and will be very easy to combine.

The yellow goes well in virtually all colors:

Yellow and blue are the colors of nature, the Mediterranean, the summer and are able to illuminate and bring joy everywhere.
But the Yellow-Chrome and Blu-Electric may also give rise to a very modern and sometimes cold which is also found in the paintings of Piet Mondrian.

The green comes from Yellow with Blue and therefore agrees with this, at least that says the study of color, creating an "empire style."

Yellow and Red are part of the same family, golden-yellow and red-Rubino are the combination that most classic of velvets and damasks.

Yellow and gray instead create a metropolitan style, urban, industrial.

The Yellow and Rose are not as bad combination, very fresh, spring, but if the rose becomes shocking is even better.

Yellow is a good color sometimes underestimated in the interior, while it might be a good friend because of its characteristic of increasing intensity when it is applied on the walls and depending on the surface on which it is spread.

The light yellow when used to paint the ceiling, combined with white walls, tends to lower the ceiling plane and resize the height.

On the contrary if the yellow walls are reflected on a white ceiling the room looks more slender and with the higher ceiling.

Then use the yellow more often to your decor, paint a wall of yellow, buy yellow mimosa pillows to give new life to your sofa, paint some old kitchen chairs, but for today, however, remember to buy some yellow mimosas to celebrate Women's Day and enlighten your living room!

Best wishes to all women!