Residence Khan : Identity, design and aesthetics

The style of furniture is the set of elements as objects, furniture, shapes, coatings, colors and fabrics that make it possible to classify and recognize an extension, according to certain canons.

Furnish a house in a particular style, means therefore it becomes a recognizable character; not always the choice of which style you adopt simple thing, although it should, considering that the style is the expression of one's personality.

We must also not forget its own history, its own identity and culture; After choosing the basic style must make its own "I".

In fact, at this point, when you finally figured out what style of furniture point, comes the hard part: customize your interior, make them unique so that they have a clear identity.
It is not easy, but not impossible. This phase is the one that will give "character" to your home and make it original and point to the "mix" will be the winning move.

As in fashion, even in interior mix and insert objects and eras or different backgrounds creates movement in the composition because it interrupts the monotony of style.

It's important to insert object that tell their own experience, their travels, their nationality.

The interior designer must take into account the life of the owner, can not create a sterile environment, because, as neat and fashionable, is likely to look like a pre-packaged environment.

The house must be able to accommodate its inhabitants, must give heat, be functional and harmonious, but beyond that has to tell the story of a person.

Watching an environment should be like reading a book in which there is the record of the family, the cultural origins, ideas.

When designing an interior design space, consider the culture of the client, it is important to give them an identity, rather than creating an empty space.

In the project "Residence Khan", Mypickone has tried to respond to customer demand by creating a customized project.

Color and detail are the basic tools, essential during our design process, but the choice of color is not based solely on aesthetics, but it is a combination between the demands and the personality of the client.

Mypickone takes into account the cultural background of the family and part of a modern and linear ethnic references and details that give personality to any room.

Just a few details to create an eclectic environment, but above all personalized.

The main key of the project is to create a continuity between the structure and the interior, focusing on using light color and natural material with an additional color in each area.
All in harmony with the surrounding green areas, to create a pleasant, welcoming and elegant environment.

In this harmony is approached the constant pursuit of detail that references to the origins of the owner, in this way you can create a winning mix of identity, design and aesthetics.