Mypickone tells the eco-friendly architecture and design.This week: the "Garden Bridge" in London

The Eco-Friendly Design is the philosophical project that adopts between its raw materials with the greatest potential "creative", a series of materials and objects considered waste or until now never used to create objects of design.

The Eco-Friendly Design is also a new trend, not only recycling, but also a challenge to architects, engineers and designes are carrying out:
namely that of creating structures that important, not only have a low environmental impact, but which contribute to repopulate the earth's of "natural" elements.

Mypickone believes in this philosophy and wants to present every week a majestic eco-friendly project.

This week we'll tell you the project: "Garden Bridge" in London.

The Garden Bridge will be a new, beautiful garden and walkway, which will cross the river Thames.

After winning the Transport for London (TfL), tender London for ideas that improve pedestrian access across the river, Thomas Heatherwick and Arup have unveiled plans for a new green bridge of 367 meters in length that will extend from Temple in Southbank.

Originally inspired by the actress and activist Joanna Lumley, the Garden Bridge will connect North and South London through a garden on the Thames.

"It 's quite strange to talk about something that does not exist yet, but the Garden Bridge is already live in the plans and the imagination," said Lumley.

 "This garden will be sensational in every way: a place without noise or traffic where the only sounds are the birds singing and the bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and under the constant flow of water.

The designer and horticulturist Dan Pearson, who will take care of the green side of the bridge, aims to create a garden that changes with the seasons and allows people a peaceful vantage point from which to contemplate the old and the new London skyline.

"There will be herbs, trees, wild flowers and plants unique to the natural habitat along the river in London. And there will be flowers in the spring and even a Christmas tree in the middle of winter. I believe that will lead to Londoners and tourists peace and beauty and magic. "

With a structure that expands and contracts in all its length, the garden will be high not only a safe and easy way to cross London for many commuters and visitors, but will also be a place to stop and enjoy the best of unparalleled views the city.

This valuable new piece of landscape adds to the rich and varied heritage of London, already one of the greenest cities in the world with parks, squares, gardens and community gardens and allow life to many species of native plants along the banks of the river.

The planning application submitted provides a cost of £ 150 million, and November 1, 2013 was the first stone that inaugurated the construction site.

The Bridge, Which will connect Temple on the north bank to the South Bank and is due to be completed in the summer of 2018, was originally conceived 15 years ago by Joanna Lumley as a "floating paradise garden".

This is the first study of Mypickone about the sustainable design, architecture and art, the next few weeks we will seek out other works around the world and I will be presenting.

Mypickone believes nell'ecofriendly design and also believed in a better future, and closer to Nature.