Ideas and tips to maximize and enlarge the space at home

Need to expand environments and optimize space?

Here are some creative  tips to make your home original and functional.

Basic tips if you have a small house, but also useful for those who have plenty of space, but does not want to leave anything to chance.

First, if the house is very small you can opt for white as the predominant color, or paint white the walls  to bring out the elements, for optical effect, white creates fact "spatiality".

Warm colors like yellow, orange, pink light warm the atmosphere, without shrinking the space.

To illuminate a dark corridor uses white, powder blue, aquamarine hues very clear and paint...everything!
Doors and ceiling including: the effect will be extremely bright and enveloping.

Choose light colors and plays with contrasts: you can paint a wall with a different color, more lively and switched to boost volumes.

Use every usable space, every part of the house plays an important feature for a harmonious and balanced result.

Use all niches to create a mini-storage for  detergents, laundry baskets and, if space permits, the washing machine.

Exploits to your advantage hidden spaces: the stairs could reveal a great place to put the shoe or boot with coats and sweaters.

Use the walls available to hang more mirrors possible; the mirror with a  precious  frame, immediately gives elegance to the environment and, optically, enlarges the space.
The transparencies in fact, such as the use of resin and glass, together with the mirrors will help to create a multiplication effect.
In dividing the glass block is useful because it resists time and shock, but it makes it brighter environment.

Do not let the high corners of the house empty: buy mini shelves, apply them in the corners up to the ceiling and fill them in an orderly manner, there is more space for books and objects and donate deep corner, creating an additional optical effect of space.

Crop stencil and paint the wall with a simple design but effective: remember that a sober simplicity can create games design and yet remain elegant with class.

And to create a green space in the home position some plants on a table in a corner full of light: you can cover the pots with fabric or putinto a corner of the kitchen some aromatic plants, decorative and useful in the kitchen.

The bedroom is too small to accommodate a walk-in closet? opt for a container bed , so as to have a space to store items.

The presence of light is a strategic element in the perception of space.
To amplify its effect paint the walls with light and bright colors; combines light curtains can turn the room thanks to intense shades.

The floor is dark? Place colorful carpets, the dark effect will diminish.

Home uses lightweight tents, which allow light to pass through environments so soft, enveloping everything in the gradient color you prefer.

The kitchen overlooks the living room differentiates the two areas with a library, useful for storing objects and also any kitchen tools closed in colorful boxes: shelves help you to put in order books, plants, objects and pasta, kept in jars or glass jars.

Add an ottoman that can be opened: a container will be useful for storing the throws and blankets to use on the couch.

In a small house it is important to carefully choose the objects.

Table and sofa along with a creative lamp to be positioned in the corner will help effect the order without chaotic impression of the many objects, too often, we have at home.

If space is tight, you need to arm yourself with two basic qualities: select what is really useful and keep at hand the tools that we use most frequently.

In a strategic corner of the house placed in a cabinet or a chest where to place services and cookware that uses less: in the grid above the sink leaves plates and glasses for everyday.

A folding table with drawers will be perfect for better use of space and place quickly cutlery.

Some colorful small shelf will help you find a place to boxes of tea, pasta, and the balance, that you can leave on display: it is not necessary to hide everything, show!

You have a scale at home? You know you can make each step how to build a real drawer? Idea useful for storing shoes, clothes and gear.

If you can exploit the verticality of the space: shelves and mezzanines allow you to create differentiated plans to sleep, let the children play or store items.

When the house permits to practice, with the right technical help, an opening in the ceiling will make it bright environment with a beam of light from above.

The sliding doors are a precious help if you make better use of the space.

Alternatively ... remove the doors! In some environments, such as the living room and the entrance, the wall will be enough to create a split but, in the kitchen, however, better to leave because of the odors.

Elements such as the door-window with lift-slide and, in general disappearing sliding doors, give more space to the glass, increasing the light present, and reduce the overall dimensions of the doors optimizing space.

These are many little tips that will make your home more immediately ordered and tidy and make the living space, original and immediately wider!