Why the 50's and 60's are back?

The return of the 50's and 60's: the style that never goes out of fashion

Objects minimalist, bold colors and shapes practical and functional, the return of Supplies 50s style, is one of the keys to the success of today's design.

Simple and functional, it comes to furnishing absolutely current, with a capacity to reinterpret spaces, rare and unique.

These items are exclusive, quality, are capable of creating impressions and feelings that bring the house, in the period of post-war revival.

After poverty, hunger and fear of war, a glimmer of light, poured in front of every aspect of life and everyday.

These products showed and still show new shapes and colors, in search of growth, taste again that, in the past, only a shock as strong as the war created, today, is the new, strange to say, that brings in track these aspects, able to impress without exaggeration in the formal excesses.

It is precisely for this reason that, in 2015, designers relish that period to extract only the positive aspects and to create, of course, accessories and timeless class objects for the home.

Why, instill, the flavor of the past is always something exciting, for the advent of the future.

There are some items in the specific style in the 50's ,60's that become part of the novelties in 2015 in the field of furniture and design.

An example is the low table that is well associated to a sofa last generation.

Its slender shape makes it a very elegant piece of furniture.

The base is of ovoid forms, recalling the old tables representative of the '50s and legs are thin and inclined; it all adds a touch of class higher.

It is often finished with a reflective paint lacquer which increases the feeling bright environments.

Are back in fashion even the hanging lamps.

These lamps take up to 100% the 60's style of fixtures, then present on the market.

Very fine and elegant, a must-have accessory in a home that wants to be fashionable.

Loved by interior achitects, armchairs and leather seating with bright colors and unusual shapes, able to give personality to a corner of a living room in a modern style.

And these ideas there are so many around the world, all with a clear reference to the style of the Renaissance.

One way to bring the best of the past, making him relive how this trend!