Pickone at International Buyers Meeting

Pickone takes part in the International Buyers Meeting in Puglia from 25th to 27th of February.
The call comes from the Puglia Region, the opportunity is the international event "Smart Puglia 2020 International Buyers Meeting" in the program, in Bari, 25 to 27 February.

Green economy and creative industry: 170 companies from Puglia meet 80 operators, including buyers, importers, distributors, investment companies, from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Spain.

The Smart Puglia 2020 International Buyers Meeting is a B2B event organized by the Region of Puglia, at the Fiera del Levante in Bari.

One hundred twenty Apulian companies meet 70 buyers from 13 countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the lead, with the aim of opening new business relationships in the context of the green economy, creative industries and design to the furniture.

Numerous initiatives scheduled in three days of Puglia, with workshops, bilateral meetings and company visits.
The three days will be an opportunity to open new relations with Eurasia.

Puglia is a region in which it is advantageous to invest but also pleasant to work and live and this is the message of' "International Buyers Meeting ".
Apulian businesses will compete with the world market and with businesses in the Eurasian countries, the United Arab, Mediterranean, Balkan touch with hand the potential of our region.

Design furnishings, cinema, theater, entertainment, green economy, there are great investment opportunities and in a time when we talk about economic crisis institutions must roll up their sleeves to meet the interests of business with new business opportunities.

We are participating in this important event for Italy and Puglia and in the coming days we will update you on the new features of the design, the green economy and creative industries.
Stay Tuned!