The Eclectic Style: originality, romance and timeless elegance

The interior design in eclectic style is characterized by the combination of elements from different periods creating surprising combinations.

It is a perfect style for those who like modern decor but also likes rococo ornaments and romantic accessories.

There is no limit to the combinations of colors and shapes but you must remember the end result that is the harmony of styles.
Inside the houses in eclectic style are used light-colored walls and floors because they provide the perfect setting for the furnishings in bright colors.

The eclectic style sometimes is based on a combination of antique and modern furniture.

An ancient and heavy wooden furniture, approached with the object of a gentle stretch or an avant-garde detail, can take on a new character, and the apartment will gain originality.

It should, however, find a way to maintain a balance between past and present.

Eclecticism mainly consists in the freedom to combine elements extra-temporal, traditional and modern.
However, it is important to pay attention to the design of the interior of the houses in eclectic style. It takes a lot of intuition, because it is easy to give the impression of inconsistency, confusion and chaos.

The eclectic style of today includes  the "Vintage" style, which unites the modular furniture, cabinets and decorative, that were in vogue in the 60s and 70s with a modern twist.

Working with contrasts is quite difficult and depends on the sensitivity and imagination of the person who decorates an interior.
It is important to choose a basic style, and then add the items that will contrast with the style and shape.

As for the cost, it is not necessary to spend a fortune buying expensive pieces from an antique dealer: in the various flea markets you can find great pieces at very reasonable prices.
You can use furniture inherited from a grandmother and give a vintage feel.

But we must not think that the eclectic style is just a romantic style, pull a chandelier to a modern dining room and enter traditional accessories will give your environment refined elegance and a touch of timeless class.