Goat Year and Feng Shui

Time for Chinese New Year. In Beijing and the rest of the world begins the year of the Goat. Chinese culture has influenced modern architecture and design of our day, in fact it is from Chinese culture that comes Feng Shui, an ancient art.

Feng shui is an art geomantic Taoist of China, auxiliary to architecture, akin to Western geomancy. In contrast to this, however, takes into account aspects of the psyche and astrology.

According to the proponents of the hypothesis of feng shui, there would most favorable directions for the various activities in the home, in life, and travel, as well as the shape and the color of furniture and objects have similarities with the 5 elements.

According to the principles of feng shui, a home to be well built should be square or rectangular with no corners or missing parts and regular form.

Should have a green dragon in the East (the tall plants that protect this side), a tiger white west (there may also be on this side of the plants, but lower), a turtle to the north (a hill or a large boulder) and the red phoenix south (can also be symbolic form, such as a stone with a red wire wrapped around).

The south side of the building is the most exposed to light and heat of the sun (at least in our hemisphere) so it is considered appropriate to the fire and the yang. The northern part of the house is considered corresponding to water and career. Just because the water corresponds to the element most Yin horoscope, is the direction most suitable for rest. In fact, one of the suggestions (almost a maxim) of feng shui is to sleep with the head facing north and feet to the south. Each direction has a relationship with an aspect of life, family, children, happiness, friendship, career and reputation, help from parents, wealth etc.

At the Chinese and some neighboring populations (especially in Korea and Southeast Asia) we often caters to a feng shui expert for the choice of the land on which to build, how to orient the house and the front door by date of birth the head of the family, and also to choose the start date of construction and the date of transfer of the family in the new house.

According to the cultural traditions, a feng shui expert is also considered able to assess a home from the energy point of view, and to decide what are the "remedies" to be taken to harmonize the energy inside the house and bring the family the lives prosperity and serenity.

The streets of a city, while being straight, should have carried out at right angles, because the roads too long and straight according to the theories of Feng shui could convey energy poisonous; this style is present in many ancient cities around the world, roads constructed with zig-zag to hinder the invasions.