10 tips to be designer of your home

When you choose to furnish their home must always follow the guidelines, the advice concept that go beyond style or personal taste.
Warnings and mistakes to be avoided, but especially one rule: never follow the style of someone else, the future focuses on creative freedom. Even the error.

  • Breaking free from the fashions and styles prepackaged, instead draw its cultural references, emotional and social. Without forgetting the past.


  • Close your eyes and think of a place that made you feel good, start from there.


  • Experiment but, in any case carry on your ideas about shapes and colors. Listen to your taste.


  •  Pay attention to the ceiling. There's a creative potential that is often ignored. It's where the architecture happens. Now there are spotlights, but once there were frescoes.


  • Look at what exists and look for the hidden potential. Sometimes we eliminate the things we do not like, instead simply turn them.


  • Avoid combinations trivial or too funny. It is always better to focus on a few pieces, pay attention to the form and make a good research.


  • Do not rush to fill the house, especially if it is new. Before buying the furniture looks as light enters, as it turns the space. And then do practice tests: marks the dimensions with tape, printed the photos and put them on the ground. The wait is beautiful.


  • Believe in the courageous choices, in "changing house, changing lives": a chance to know youself and improve.


  • Value to every object, although apparently 'wrong'. An old console, a forgotten carpet, a chair to cover they  become often a starting point for a new history of furniture.


  • Ask for help to an interior designer.